familylawKennelly Law has a solid reputation for being one of the most experienced firms concerning all matters pertaining to Family Law. The dissolution of a marriage or partnership can be a trying time for everyone involved. We offer compassionate, pragmatic, and timely advice based on years of experience in this highly specialised but multi-faceted area of law.

Separating from a partner is a painful and emotional process. Many of our clients take advantage of the counselling service that the Family Court provides. However, if you still feel as though a separation is the best solution, we can assist you in the division of assets, make arrangements for the care of your children, and if necessary, help you file the necessary paperwork for a divorce.

It is important to note that an application for a divorce or an order dissolving marriage will only be accepted after the couple has been separated for two years. We can be the advocate for one or both spouses and draw up the appropriate paperwork to submit to the Family Court.

Parenting & Contact Orders:
Obviously, the children’s needs must be the number one priority. We ensure that good parenting orders through the Family Court are issued or written agreements are put into place which allows the children to have contact with both parents.

Protection Orders:
Alternatively, there are situations where violence (which includes both physical and psychological abuse) is present and contact is not in the best interest of the children. We work swiftly to ensure that the parent responsible is restrained from having contact until that person is no longer deemed a threat.

The Care of Children Act protects the best interest of the children and more often than not, this means that the child should have regular contact with both parents. So if one parent decides that they want to relocate; whether it is within New Zealand, or overseas, complications can arise. In any case, we can give practical advice concerning the likelihood of success if you are applying for relocation. We can also issue an Order Preventing Removal of a child if you are worried that the child will be taken overseas with no intention of being brought back to New Zealand.

Please note, we also handle Relationship Property Law, Asset Protection, & Elderly Law which also falls under the umbrella of Family Law. Please contact us today for a confidential consultation.

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